Culture Camp is rocket fuel for the health and future of your organization.

What if your organization was as great as the people within them?

There’s nothing more powerful than a team of human beings that are self-aware, agile, accountable and aligned, advancing in the same direction together.

Why Culture?

Because we know culture eats strategy for breakfast. More importantly, culture can be your greatest differentiator when your organization becomes as extraordinary as the people within it.

Why Camp?

Because, unlike school, camp is about adventure, play, storytelling, experimenting, wonder, community, joy, and a formative experience that shapes you for years to come.

Who is this for?

Culture Camp is for both seasoned and emerging leaders within your organization that are seeking to do the work of both personal and organizational transformation. We encourage a diverse participation from multiple functional areas and leadership levels.

Culture Camp is an 8-week cohort-based coaching and learning experience designed to help:

  • Elevate personal and professional leadership
  • Break through organizational impasses
  • Build communication muscles of empathy and feedback
  • Foster deeper connection and engagement across teams
  • And accelerate organizational change

While there is transformative content*, Culture Camp revolves around practice & project-based learning within a group environment. The 8-week consists of:

  • Open and asynchronous work on a private platform
  • Cohort-driven communal feedback
  • Live group video conversations
  • Office hours for individual coaching
  • Internal culture-shifting projects

Leaders come away with deeper self-awareness, new tools and practices for growth, and a reinvigorated collective ability to instigate change together.

* For reference, the Culture Camp draws on principles of leadership and cultural transformation from Conscious Leadership, the altMBA, Storybrand, Nonviolent communication, Humanocracy, The Hero’s Journey, The 4 Disciplines of execution, Agile methodology, Heroic coaching, Lean Startups, along with insights from thought leaders like Kim Scott, Erin Myers, Carol Dweck, Donald Miller, Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni, Dan Coyle, Gary Hamel, Roger Martin, Jacob Morgan, Erwin McManus, and Simon Sinek.

Culture Camp is about helping your people flourish in their hearts, minds, and beings so that they can help your organization fully realize this next season of its mission.

To find out how you can bring Culture Camp to your organization, contact us.